Old & Weary Car Shops Lineside Structures

Photos and captions by Rich Cobb

LS1 -  Handcar house with added 2"x4" interior and 1/8" square balsa foundation; corners covered with prepainted 1"x6".

LS2 - Same Handcar house - the O&W prototype had 6' tall doors, while the Durango Press Fairmont Track Speeder is 7', so the house has to be raised up a bit for it to fit inside.

LS3 - Another Handcar house with no foundation

LS5 - Tool house - 2"x4" studs on 2' centers in the interior; 1/8" square balsa timbers (3) underneath to keep the floor off the ground; corners covered with prepainted 1"x6"

LS7 - Watchman's shanty with CMA crossing sign - corners are covered with prepainted 1"x6", and a brass pin was added for a door knob

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